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Airtel-ATN Secures Global Rights to ADS Technology

Dubln, Ireland In an agreement reached recently in Dublin, Airtel ATN Ltd has acquired the sole rights to ADS’s technology and will become the primary sales, marketing and support organization for ADS products. This further consolidates the position reached earlier this year with Uniridge Pty Ltd who will provide global support to Airtel, in particular for the Asia-Pacific, South American and African regions.

Airtel ATN’s appointment will provide a much higher level of exposure and accessibility to the ADS product range through the efforts of Airtel’s worldwide sales and marketing team.

ADS will continue to focus on its innovation and development strengths and provide a vehicle through which new technologies can be introduced to the worldwide aerospace industry. Please contact us to explore how we can help manage your new innovative technology programs or simply to obtain some independent and alternative advice.

Uniridge Provides Sales and Support of ADS Product Line

Melbourne, Australia We are pleased to announce that Uniridge Pty Ltd is now the sales and support organisation for ADS.  Following the transition months of April and May 2011, all new sales will be handled through Uniridge along with new and existing warranty and support activities.   During this transition phase please contact ADS directly or Uniridge for all sales or product inquiries.

Datalink Ramp Test Set for Airlines

The European Data Link Services Implementing Rule sets a forward fit date of 2011 for Airborne equipage for ATN/VDL Mode 2, and by 2015, all aircraft operating above FL285 must have been retrofitted with a compliant system.

By integrating ADS’s VDL VHF link technology with Airtel-ATN’s ATN and CPDLC technology,  the MPRT-500   Multi-Protocol Datalink Ramp Test Set gives airline operators and MRO’s a convenient and independent means of checking serviceability of the ATN/ VDL Mode 2 systems aboard the aircraft in regular maintenance and overhaul activities.

VHF Radio  –  Line of Sight Communications ?

We recently installed 6 extra PAGN (ACARS data link) ground stations for Jetstar Airlines’ private ACARS ground station network in some of the more remote locations on the Australian mainland.  The range of one of those is particularly interesting.

ADCC Adds to their Data Link test Capability.

ADCC operates the national network of aviation data link ground stations that cover all major domestic air routes within China and have been a highly valued customer of ADS since 2001.

For general information about the MVDL and PVDL emulation systems please see PVDL or contact us.

MVDL for Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

For general information about the MVDL and PVDL emulation systems please see PVDL or contact us.

Rohde & Schwarz acquires PVDL-ASA System.

The PVDL-GS system is also available which emulates the ground station entity to facilitate the testing of avionics data link systems.
For general information about the PVDL emulation systems please see PVDL or contact us.

PVDL Upgrade Available for A631-5

The main changes relate to use of the Frequency Support List (FSL) in conjunction with the setting of the Air/Ground Bit, introduction of bit 7 to the AVLC Specific Options parameter, and the ability –  in PVDL-GS – to generate GSIF’s on more than one channel frequency.

AVICOM Japan acquires MVDL System.

The software options chosen by AVICOM allow them to monitor, log and replay ACARS and VDLM2 RF traffic data.  The comprehensive graphics displays provided by the MVDL test platform allows detailed analysis of the complex air-to-ground data communications protocols.

AVICOM Japan is the aviation data link service provider (DSP) for Japan.

ADOS System Operational

The ADOS system makes decisions for Australian airspace – about whether to activate or deactivate the airborne real-time AMDAR reporting functions in individual aircraft –   and sends ACARS uplink commands to control those avionics reporting functions.

Jetstar Airways  Expands PAGN ACARS Ground Station Network.

Jetstar, with its fleet of 27 A320, 6 A330 and 1 A321 aircraft, flies directly to over 20 ports within Australia and has an expanding international network which currently includes 18 destinations in the Asia-Pacific region

PAGN allows any airline like Jetstar to become a datalink service provider (DSP) – owning and operating its own ACARS network – including host processor and ground stations – but still retaining connectivity to the major DSP’s to support its international operations.  This vastly reduces the on-going service and messaging costs associated with the traditional global DSP’s for ACARS services.

     PAGN is  a fully flexible TCP/IP enabled ACARS network – ideal for the regional aircraft operator.
        Jetstar has been a PAGN-ACARS network user since October 2007.
             ADS has been providing aviation data link systems and solutions since 1989.


Respond Quickly to Negative Feedback with Reputation Management Software

Respond Quickly to Negative Feedback with Reputation Management Software

There are a number of software programs designed to help businesses improve their online statistics. These programs include marketing and promotion, as well as reputation management. The reputation software manages a company’s information in a different way than the marketing and promotional software.

Reputation Management for Social Media

Today, people can express their views on any subject by posting comments and blogs on social media sites. The ability to leave a comment online about an interaction with a company, could instantly create a negative or positive snowball effect by those who read it. Reputation management allows companies to view these comments as they are posted.

The ability to instantly know when comments are left on social media sites gives the business an advantage. The information received through reputation management allows the company to quickly respond to negative comments.

An Easy to Use Business Tool

Reputation management software is easy to use once installed on a business computer. The program runs periodic checks across all areas of the Internet to locate information about the specific company. Business owners can increase search results by adding their own criteria into the program’s search field.

The automated reputation management software could also provide business owners with a notice every time new information is found. It could also generate weekly or monthly reports based on the information retrieved, so owners could see at a glance how well the company is doing. It could also show where new links could be added to generate more traffic.

Youth Insearch

Youth Insearch

Young people are facing more and more stresses at an earlier age than ever before. With modern technology, instant communication increases pressure to succeed, conform and fit-in. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to live up to those demands. For some at risk teens in Austrailia, Youth Insearch provides the answer. 

The organization focuses on providing solutions for teens age 12 – 17 with weekend programming. The group intervenes early, working with welfare agencies, schools and local police to identify the kids that need the most attention. The group’s efforts are aimed at reducing crime and drug use while preventing suicide and increasing self-esteem.

Youth Insearch uses a unique peer to peer model that allows former participants in Youth Insearch to come back and help current members. These mentors are good role models to help the teens get back on the right track and improve their lives. 

Youth Insearch has served the community for 30 years now. Originating in North West Sydney, it now helps teens all around the country. Its peer to peer model has been a model for other organizations as it reduces crime, increases school retention, prevents suicide and improves self-esteem in all that it works with. Overall, Youth Insearch is doing amazing work to help the young people of Australia.